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gis■t. Several travellers have give●n translations of

y described. Although g■e


them, and I believe [Pg 5●02] that each one is a


ble to demonstrate that■ his predecessors were all wron


g. W●e will not attempt to deciph●er them, as we do no


t wish to run the risk of ■our work being overturned by

th●e next comer. "The building ha


ures on the walls ●of these rooms are masonic symbols, and he w

o●nders if the race that erected the buil●ding were acquainted with th■e mystic rite. Who can tell "L■ower down is a sanctuary of two sm●all but very high-ceiled rooms, and having s●ome fine sculpture on the outside. Over the ■entrance of the sanctuary is the carved head of● a mastodon, showing that the people■ were acquainted with that animal■, or at all events had his correct likeness.● There are masonic emblems on a cornice that ●extends around the sanctuary, and● on the lower part of the co■rnice are rings cut in stone, from whic■h curtain

s were suspended duri●ng the ceremonies that were performed inside th■e building. "We spent an hour or more i■nspecting the building and its● sculptures, and then gave quite■ a little time to the magnifi■cent panorama that

et; and ■ther e is a tradition t
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it while resting from th■e fatigue of the ascent. "The● p

o the south is the Casa del Gobernad■or, or 'House of the Governo●r,' and there is a building close by called ●the 'House of the Turtles.' Turtle●s did not live there, but figur●es of them are on the sculptures that a


dorn the● building. There were several

other heap●s of ruins, of which I noted the names ●of only two, the 'House of the Old Wo■man,' and the 'House of the Pigeons.' "When we ■had finished our inspection of● the Dwarf's House we descended the steeply slo/p>


鰌ing pyramid, picking our way very careful■ly to avoid acc

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y the proprietor of Uxmal. F■AÇADE OF WEST WING OF CASA DE ■LAS MONJAS.

"We went first to the Hous■e of the Nuns, which is a buil■ding about 280 feet square, with a larg●e court-yard in the centre. There is a high ga●te-way on the south side

by which we ■entered the house; the house h●as [Pg 503] eighty-eight rooms or apartm●ents opening into the court-yard, but no● doors opening to the outside. As ■we entered the court our attention was dra■wn to th

e sculptures on the interior fa&c●cedil;ades of the building; on one side the●re is a representation of two enormou■s serpents, s

o immense in size that th■ey run the whole length of the edi■fice, their exact measurement being 173 feet. T●heir bodies are twisted toget●her, and in the spaces between the f■olds are many s

trange hieroglyphi

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cs. We seeme●d to be once more in India, or some o■t

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